Tuesday Nov 19th thru Sunday Dec 8th 8:00PM

8 W Elizabeth St. Maytown, PA 17550
Coins-Jewelry-Watches-Pocket Knives

This will be an online only auction to include coins, jewelry, watches, pocket knives, advertising pens, vintage mechanical pencils, vintage fishing licenses, Military pins/medals/patches, political pins, stamps, & more. 
Come out and preview Friday December 6th from 11:00 till 6:00.
error coins(cents & nickels), uncirculated coins & sets, proof coins,  proof sets, US Mint proof sets, George Washington silver 250th birthday coin, Walking Liberty silver coins, Eisenhower uncirculated silver dollars & silver dollars proof coins, Eisenhower US Proof dollars, bicentennial commemorative medals, bicentennial silver proof sets, silver certificates, American Eagle silver dollars foreign coins, Peace silver dollars, Morgan silver dollars, Liberty silver dollars, Olympic silver dollar, 1973 Franklin Mint silver ingot, George Washington half dollar, Franklin half dollars, Barber quarters, state quarters, Jefferson memorial nickels, wheat cents, buffalo nickels, nickel collection folders, rolls of nickels, Liberty Head V nickels,  1984 Olympic Prestige set, Lincoln memorial cents, Indian head cents, Philadelphia Souvenir coin set, commemorative medals, & more.

Jewelry & Misc
rings, sterling rings, Cat Eye Jewels women's diamond ring, sterling silver jewelry, sterling pendants, gold filled locket, vintage lapel pins,  vintage buttons, religious pendants/charms/crosses, costume jewelry, bangles, pearls,assorted jewelry in cases, necklaces, earrings, pins, pocket watches, belt buckle, medallions, watches, gold filled money clip, vintage buttons, vintage political pins, Military patches/pins/medals, Military campaign ribbons, local high school swimming medals, Purple Heart medal, silver funnels, vintage mechanical pencils, vintage advertising pens, fold filled pencils & pens, cancelled stamps, fountain pens, pocket knives, & more

More lots to be added yet.  Scroll below the pictures for a PDF file of the catalog

Have your items shipped or pickup Monday December 9th from 10:00 till 6:00 or Tuesday December 10th 9:00 to 3:00 at 8 W Elizabeth St. Maytown, PA 17550.  Any lots not picked up by Friday December 13th will be shipped at your cost or  if not payed for will be resold.
Call 717-618-9727 with any questions.