Everything is sold "as is."  Payments we accept are cash, Visa/Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS AS PAYMENT.  Once you are the winning bidder at an auction it becomes your responsibility to secure it and/or pick up. It is now your property. 

Online Auctions:

When registering for an online auction you must register with a valid mailing address, phone #, email, and credit/debit card.  Payments we accept are cash, Visa/Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS AS PAYMENT.  If you are picking up your winning items and prefer to pay cash you may.  You must let us know in advance that you are paying in cash.  We charge cards automatically after the sale is over so be sure to let us know if you prefer to be a cash payer.  If you are getting your items shipped you must pay with debit/credit card.  There is a 5% surcharge for debit/credit card payments.

You may bid anytime once the bidding is open until it closes.  Auctions typically run two weeks or more.  You may put prebids in or wait to bid as lots are closing.  You can put the next highest bid in or put a "max bid" in.  A "max bid" is the highest you are willing to pay for an item.  The computer will automatically bid for you as other bids come in.  It works similar to Ebay.  The computer won't put your higher bid in until someone else puts a bid in for the same item.  When lots are closing and someone puts a bid in in the last minute or so, it will add some time to the lot so other people have a chance to bid.

Tax Exempt
If you live in PA and have never bid with us before and are tax exempt you must call 717-618-9727 or email and let us know so we can enter you as tax exempt in our system.  There will be a form to fill out and sign as well before we can enter you as tax exempt.

At auction, you are buying the items "as is" and once you are the winning bidder on item(s) they become your responsibility to pay and retrieve your items.  We offer shipping on most items and pickup on everything.  If items are not picked up and/or payed for by a certain time, they will be resold.  If you are picking up your items, you must call 717-286-8282 to schedule a pickup time after the auction is over.  Info on when items need to be picked up by are posted individually for each sale under current auctions.  Items must be payed for in full before you pick anything up.  Also, items will not shipped until they are payed for in full including shipping costs.

If there are technical issues or if there is a discrepancy, we have the right to reopen a lot or restart an auction.

If you have any questions about the online bidding process or anything else, please call the office at 717-618-9727.