Monday October 7th thru Monday October 28th
8 W Elizabeth St. Marietta, PA 17547
Comics-Newspaper Comics-Paper Advertising

This will be an online only auction to include Sunday Newspaper Comic Sections, comics, & paper advertising. Preview & pickup will be at 8 W Elizabeth St. Marietta, PA 17547.  This is our storage location in Maytown but the GPS address is Marietta.

Sunday Newspaper Comic Sections

There are many Sunday Newspaper Comic sections from all over the globe from the years 1902 through 1960s.


Comics are sold in lots of 7 to 11 comics which include DC, Classics Illustrated, Dell, Eclipse, Marvel, First Comics Charlton Comics, Showcase, Gold Key, Modern Comics, LP, Max & more. Titles include Airboy, Blade, Sky Wolf, Evangeline, Fightin' Marines, Valkyrie!, Air Maidens, X-Men, Judo Master, Fantastic Four, Sky Wolf, Fightin' Army, Batman, Superman, Justice League of America, Valiant Eternal Warrior, X Factor, Turok, X Force, Vigilante, Blue Devil, Fantastic Force, Captain America, Bloodlines, Firebrand, Doctor Strange, Wonder Woman, Omega Men, Galactic Guardians, Justice League Europe, The New Teen Titans, Infinity Inc., New Warriors, & many more.

Paper Advertising & Photography
Vintage paper advertising to include International, Ford, Ford Rex-Watson, GMC trucks, Guild Housekeeping Tours, Automobile Digest, GMC, White trucks, Sheaffer's Pens, Eversharp, Hamilton watches, Waltham watches, Howard watches, Gruen Guild watches, Elgin watches, National Bellas Hess Magazine, Globe Boxing & Crating Co., Wooden Boat magazine excerpts, boat advertising (Chris Craft, Elco, Wheeler, Freedom, Queen Elizabeth, Goodyear Airform, Sterling Engine Co., Richardson, Buda Marine Engines, E. J. Willis Co, Chrysler, Mercury, Cunard), boat photography & prints, vintage car user manuals, vintage Ford promotional photos, & more.
To view full catalog click green online bidding link above or click on PDF document below the pictures.

Online bidders may have their items shipped or pick them up Tuesday October 29th 10:00 till 6:00 or Wednesday October 30th 9:30 till 3:00 at 8 W Elizabeth St. Marietta, PA 17547.  Call 717-618-9727 with any questions.  Any items not picked up will be shipped at your cost or resold.