Friday July 16th to Sunday August 1st 8:00pm

8 W Elizabeth St. Maytown PA 17550
The Late Mel Brandt Advertising & Literature

This is an online only advertising and literature auction from the collection of the late Mel Brandt.  Advertising includes Oliver, Dekalb, N.E. Hershey & Sons Manheim PA, Grubb & Brenaman Elizabethtown PA, and other miscellaneous advertising.  


Advertising includes Oliver, Dekalb, Fox, N.G. Hershey & Sons, Grubb Supply Co, Umberger's Mill, White Farm Equipment, Grubb & Breneman, Brandt's Grocery, J.W. Wolgemuth, Wolgemuth Bros. Florin Feeds, Clayton Shenk Custom Grinding & Mixing, J.S. Eshleman General Merchandise, Thomas E. Schneck Coal Co, Binkley & Hurst, M.M. Weaver, B.F. Gump Co. R.R. Howell & Co., E.H. Shenk West Willow PA, Kasten, Cockshutt, New Holland, Masey Ferguson, Wayne Feeds, Caterpillar, Allis Chalmers, tractor show memorabilia, Shuey's Sale Service, Hershey, and more!

Merchandise includes ephemera, feed bags, genuine parts, printing blocks, watches, calendars, manuals, seed planting guides, parts catalogs, brochures, signs, magazines, and more!

Download "LITERATURE SALE.pdf"