Date TBD
8 W Elizabeth St Maytown PA 17550
Elizabethtown PA Historical Items

This is an online only auction with a variety of Elizabethtown PA area collectibles and historical items being offered to the public courtesy of the Elizabethtown Historical Society.  The Society is offering Surplus and Duplicated items for this auction, as well as items that have No Provenance to Elizabethtown; ie. Manufactured, produced, or hand made by Elizabethtown Artisans.  Items include Mumper's milk bottles, Kleins Chocolate original artwork, vintage shaving horse, hand powered grinding wheel/sharpening stone, PRR Railroad Caboose Pot Belly Stove, cast iron trough, vintage cast iron sausage stuffer/press, antique scale, vintage hay/straw cutter, Elizabethtown History books, and more!