Friday Dec 22nd to Sunday January 7th 8:00PM
8 W Elizabeth St Maytown PA 17550
Ammo-Guns-Fishing Supplies

This is an online only auction to include a large variety of ammo, black powder guns, shotguns, ammo boxes, wooden crates, hunting supplies, and fishing supplies.  
Preview is Thursday January 4th 12:00-5:00 

A.S.M 31 Cal Black Powder Pistol, 44 Cal Black Powder Pistol, Ethan Allen By Hoppe’s Black Powder Pistol, Remington Rider Black Powder Pocket Pistol, ASM Black Powder Pistol, Daisey CO2 200 Semiautomatic Gas Pellet Pistol, C Sharp Pocket Pistol 4 Barrel, Auberti & C. Gardonf Pocket Pistol Cal 22 Short, C Sharp Pocket Pistol 4 Barrel, Deringer Black Powder Pistol Replica, Black Powder Musket, Black Powder Rifle By Miroku, Japan, 50 Cal Black Powder Rifle By Miroku Japan, 58 Cal Black Powder Rifle, Winchester Model 370 12 Gauge Shotgun, Champion 12 Gauge Shotgun, Black Powder Rifle, Remmington Rifle, Harrington & Richardson 12 Gauge Shotgun, 1874 German Military Rifle, WM Moorr & Co Double Barrel Shotgun, Military Rifle W/ Bayonet, Pietta Black Powder Revolver 1858, Bolt Action 22 Rifle W/ Peep Site, Winchester Inline Muzzleloader W/ Hard Carry Case, Crosman Quest Break Break Barrel High Power Pellet Gun
Hunting & Fishing
various size ammo for various kinds of guns, ammo boxes, Military ammo boxes, ammo crates, gun powder tins, hunting/fishing knives, animal traps, 2 Super-Numatic Can Guns, containers of black powder, hunting/fishing books, fishing tackle, binoculars, duck decoys, hunting/fishing magazines, gun books, fishing tackle boxes with fishing supplies, gun care oil, fishing lures, fishing licenses, hunting advertising signs, clay bird throwers, fishing reels, Military Holt & Cold Container, gun locks, smokeless powder, caribou antlers, rifle case, moose antlers, elk antlers, deer antlers, rifle magazines, shotgun cleaning kit, fishing rig for boat, archery supplies, various archery bows, Blue Ridge Hunter Bow

Shipping available for ammo and other hunting/fishing items.  Guns are by pickup only.  Pickup is by appointment only at 8 W Elizabeth St Maytown PA 17550.  Pickup days are Monday January 8th 10:00-4:00, Tuesday January 9th 10:00-4:00, Wednesday January 10th 10:00-6:00, and Friday January 12 10:00-4:00.  Signup using this link:
Preview is Thursday January 4th 12:00-5:00