Friday Oct 20th to Sunday Nov 5th 8:00PM

8 W Elizabeth St Maytown PA 17550
Ammo-Guns-Decoys-Ammo Boxes/Crates

This is an online only auction to include decoys, ammo, guns, ammo crates/boxes, hunting items, fishing items, hunting/fishing magazines, advertising, and more.  
Hunting & Fishing
Hunting/Fishing Magazines (Sports AField, Hunter Trader Trapper, Outdoors, Outdoorsman, National Sportsman, Outdoor Life, Game News, Nature, Pennsylvania Angler, Wildfowl, Ducks Unlimited, Field & Stream, Hunting & Fishing, & more), handmade Canadian Geese, duck decoys, mounted duck heads, canvas duck decoys, duck decoy patterns, hunting Buttons, artwork, bear head sculpture, duck decoy weights, handmade wooden buoys, Remington metal signs, hunting knives, rifle gun powder cans, gun advertising, fishing creel, fishing tackle boxes & contents, ammo wooden crates, Military ammo crates, antique powder horn, Military Ammo Cans, pocket knives, hunting bows, fishing reels, fishing rods, fishing gear, fishing lures, hunting traps, ammo boxes, binoculars, gun cleaning system/kits, Military ammo boxes, mounted deer head, mounted pronghorn head, fishing nets, duck calls, hunting chairs, and more
Remington 7MM-08 Centerfire, Remington 22-250 Centerfire, .308 Win FMJ 145gr, .30 Carbine, ARMY ammo, Ball XM855 10 Round Clips, British ammo, Remington 300 Savage 20 Centerfire, Colt .223 Remington Zinc Plated Cartridges, Military ammo, 5.56mm ammo, Winchester Wildcat 22 High Velocity Rimfire Cart., PMC Zapper 22 High Velocity Rimfire, Remington 22 Long Rifle Brass-Plated, Western Super X, PMC Bronze 20 Centerfire Rifle Cartridges, Wincester .45 Caliber Ball, 38 Special Super Police ammo, 17 HMR rifle ammo, 22 WMR rifle ammo, Remington Slugger Riled Slugs 12 Gauge, .223 Remington ammo, ammo pouches with ammo, various gauge shotgun shells, Remington Centerfire 45 Auto ammo, American Eagle .30 Carbide riffle ammo, shotgun shell primers, Remington 300 AAC Blackout rifle ammo, Blazer 525 Round Value Pack rifle ammo, duck & pheasant ammo, 9mm ammo, gunpowder, and other various ammo

Savage Rifle, Bridge Gun Co Double Barreled Shotgun, Winchester Model 94 Level Action Rifle, Stevens Savage Arms 22 Short or Long, Remington Fieldmaster Model 572 Rifle, Remington Gunmaster Model 760 w/ Leupold Scope, Winchester Model 62A Pump Action 22 Rifle, Ithaca Gun Co Model 37 12 Gauge/12 ¾ Chamber, Mossberg New Haven 173B 410 Gauge 3” Barrel, 1933 NO 25 Pump BB Gun, I.J. Target Sealed 8 Shot Octagon Barrel 22, Air Rifle/Pellet Gun W/ Simmons Scope, New England Firearms 20 Gauge 3” Barrel, Rossi 22 Short Long/Long Rifle, Colt Navy Revolver, Marlin Glenfield 30 Lever Action Carbide Rifle, Hawes .22 Western Sixshooter Revolver, Iyer Johnson 5 Shot revolver, American Bull Dog .32 Caliber 5 Shot Revolver

Pickup and shipping(smalls) available.  Pickup is by appointment only at 8 W Elizabeth St Maytown PA 17550.  Pickup days are Monday November 6th 10:00-6:00, Tuesday November 7th 10:00-4:00, Wednesday November 8th 10:00-4:00, and Friday November 10th 10:00-4:00.    Signup using this link:

If you are a winning bidder of the long rifles, shotguns, muzzloaders, and black powder guns, a form will need to be signed before we can release the gun to you. If you are the winning bidder of a handgun, the transer, paperwork, and pickup will be at Kinseys Outdoors in Mount Joy. If you want a gun shipped, you will need to make arrangements trough Kinseys or another FFL to have that done.